Sanction Management and Recovery

VETPrep is Australia’s leading high-level compliance rectification consultancy. ​We are expert at helping RTOs fight ASQA sanctions, strategise and rectify areas of non-compliance, and prepare for Tribunal action to save their registration.


If your RTO has received a sanction notification from ASQA, your regulator or your State funding body, every day becomes critical and you must call us immediately.

VETPrep is renown for the utmost discretion and high-level rectification work we do for RTOs. Defending your RTO's registration at Tribunal or the Supreme Court is a harrowing experience that no one should endure without specialist help. No one knows this journey better than us, and our expert team of compliance specialists will help you every step of the way. We specialise in this type of work; our reputation and stellar record for helping RTOs save their registrations speaks for itself.


Responding to a Sanction Notification or preparing for a Tribunal action to save your RTO's registration is only one part of the journey.

The NVR Act clearly requires RTOs to be compliant at all times. If your RTO is facing sanctions or registration cancellation.


"VETPrep, you did the impossible! With only 18 days left to get our house in order before ASQA cancelled our registration, the VETPrep team came into our RTO in full force and sorted out all of our non-compliance issues! We contacted 4 other compliance consultants before we called your company, and although 2 other consultants offered us cheaper rates, all 4 consultants admitted that they didn't have the manpower to tackle a project as large as ours and 3 of the 4 recommended that we call VETPrep. We were impressed from the word go; at the time of the initial phone call it was quite evident that Alex really knows VET compliance inside out, as do the rest of the VETPrep team that worked on our project. A very, very special thanks for Alex, Sue, Peter, Julie and the rest of the exceptional VETPrep team; our new learner resources are compliant, our new policies and procedures are simple, do-able and compliant, our trainers and assessors are now all compliant with SNR15.4 and most importantly, our registration has been extended for a further 5 years! Thank you, VETPrep, for saving our RTO from cancellation!"