From critically non-compliant to 3 years re-reg

VETPrep was recently contacted to do validations for an interstate client in preparation for their upcoming re-registration audit. During the initial consultation it became obvious that what the client really needed was an internal audit and with time being of essence, a VETPrep consultant was the next available flight to Victoria.

The internal audit highlighted several areas of significant non-compliances that would undoubtedly have led to ASQA imposing severe sanctions on the RTO, if not suspension or cancellation of their registration. With a mere 2 weeks before the RTO's ASQA audit there was little time to spare and it was all hands on deck as three of our rectification teams worked around the clock, six days a week, on assessment tools, validations, policies and procedures, learning and assessment strategies and coaching our client through the audit process.

We were not at all surprised when our client called after their ASQA audit to tell us how easy and relatively stress-free their audit experience was due to our coaching. But the cherry on the top was most definitely their fully compliant audit outcome and 3 year re-registration.